New Design: Brooke Reviews

I just finished a new design and I think it is my favorite one…ever! I’m a little jealous that it’s not mine. Brooke from Brooke Reviews contacted me about getting a design and she already had some ideas in mind. She wanted a foggy window. Kinda like this one:

I started looking for kits with windows in them and somehow came across Before the First Snow by Lorie Davison. Brooke loved it so we used it! It does have a window in it but it also has 1 million other elements! I ended up making two headers for Brooke to choose from. This kits is so huge and so beautiful  that I just couldn’t help myself from making all kinds of extra things!

We ended up not even putting a window in the finished design, but that is 100% okay, because I am in LOVE with the finished product!


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